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Rock N Road Runners x Sark Running Club

One of the many benefits of being part of the Rock N Road Runners club is meeting like minded people. But it is isn't limited just to Jersey. Last year we arranged a trip for members to visit our neighbouring island to meet the Sark Running Club. This weekend, we are heading back to enjoy their kind hospitality, pubs, and of course up to 10 miles of running which includes lots of handy loops so it's open to all levels! Watch this space for an update on the trip...


Jersey parkrun: Rock N Road Runners takeover

It’s just before 8am on a cool and grey Saturday morning in Jersey. In just over an hour, nearly 320 people will be pounding the tarmac of Les Quennesvais cycle track but at this moment, it’s just me, Louise and (reluctant) local running celeb Wendy Gorvel standing in the car park. Every Saturday, parkrun is a free, timed 5k community event held all over the world with Jersey’s version being launched on September 26 2015. This is the first time that Rock N Road Runners has done a “takeover” so it’s all a bit new. Also in the car park are the usual RNRR Satruday morning trail runners, led by Will and tailed by Sylvie. Rock N Road Runners stole…I mean were inspired by, the tail runners at parkrun to make road and trail runs more inclusive and open. So it feels only fitting that we help out with the volunteering every now and then. The closer we get to 8am, the more parkrun stalwarts arrive. Mike, Sam, John, and Run Director Matt turn up to get the event prepped before runners arrive and today they have a willing army of hot pink wearing volunteers to help. It’s funny being on the other side of the operation. Like breaking some kind of fourth wall. I’ve only ever seen it from the other side as a runner and even when volunteering, it’s usually rocking up at the last minute. The amount of work that goes on behind the scenes is truly under appreciated. Volunteers are allocated to their allotted roles which are all designed to make the event go as smoothly as possible. I have taken the cowards way out and opted for a role with minimal chance of things going very wrong – finish tokens. With half an hour to go, prep is all done and the full contingent of 15 or so volunteers are ready to welcome the masses. It’s about this point when RD Matt invites us to say a few words about Rock N Road Runners before the event begins. This sounds great as Emily has done a sterling job in organising the takeover and would be perfect to do a few words. Weirdly though, she’s pointing at me. Along with a couple of other people. As Matt goes on to say, I’m not shy in coming forward. But I also absolutely hate stuff like this. Until it’s over. As a life coach once told me, I’m a collector of experiences. Turns out giving a speech to 300 runners was about to be my next experience… The start Matt stood on what I can only presume was a pink step-ladder from a doll’s house to give a brief introduction before handing over to me. I’d love to say that I sold the merits of the club and our weekly group runs with grace and style. But in reality, the whole thing went in a blur so I have no idea what I said. I just know I didn’t swear. Which was nice. As a seasoned pro, Matt re-took command of the mic and set everyone on their way. It was an impressive sight to look at it from this angle. There’s something very moving about collective goals and personal challenges which parkrun encapsulates each week. The volunteer team then headed towards the finish line where incredibly some of the frontrunners were already coming round for their second lap. It’s another amazing way to see a different part of a race (parkrun is not a race) that I would never normally be involved in! Personally, I love the cheers of crowds so I tried my hardest to clap everyone through and I think that everyone else did the same. What I didn’t appreciate was how many people would smile back or say thanks. Again it’s like being on the other side of a two way mirror. After watching the leaders go through the 4k mark, the finish line team all got in to place and I have to say that I was pretty nervous. My hands and fingers were cold which made giving out the finish token to the first place runner more of a fumble than a glorious presentation. Super Sam Horsfall kept an impeccable watching brief next to me, keeping me reassured as the trickle of finishers turned into a deluge and then a flood. The funnel managers kept on top of the numbers coming through and I just handed out those tokens like I was a dealer at the Bellagio in Vegas, barely seeing the faces of the runners as they came through. But it worked. And like someone turning off a tap, the numbers coming through slowed and I was able to get my head up and greet finishers individually, recognising some and congratulating all. Behind me the scanners had done an impeccable job – we were part of a well-oiled finish line machine dressed in hot pink. There’s a proper buzz that comes from doing an event well – whether it’s parkrun, a corporate meeting or Knebworth. And as Alex and John came through as final and tail runners, I felt genuine pride in a job well done. Mainly not getting anything wrong. After that, we headed to Off The Rails for a well deserved breakfast. As I said to anyone that would listen…this experience made me want to volunteer again. Just definitely not run 5k. Below is a list of volunteers from the day but I’m super conscious that we have done one day. So many people give up their time every week to make it happen. As the saying goes, if you can’t run, volunteer. If you can’t volunteer then cheer. I’m already looking forward to our next Jersey parkrun takeover!   Volunteers: Rob RUMFITT Trevor GOODSON Michael CHAYTOR Alexandra SCHLUEP Sam WILKES Matt CUTHBERT Sam HORSFALL John DRELAUD Wendy GORVEL Richard ENGLISH Wayne ENGLISH Melanie GOUZINIS John CUNNINGHAM Debbie KENNEDY Leila MILES Ronnie ISHERWOOD Helen CLAYTON Juliet LE BREUILLY Daryl HOPLA Emily LE BEUVANT Jenny GRAY Lydia THEBAULT Jo WRIGLEY Sasha MASEFIELD Emma KIRBY Jason PIERRE


Coming up: Jersey parkrun Takeover

Rock N Road Runners support Jersey parkrun This coming weekend, Rock N Road Runners will be helping out the amazing team at Jersey parkrun by providing volunteers to supplement those that help out each week. In addition, the RNRR Saturday Trail Run will begin as usual at 8am but will finish with participants taking part in parkrun. Jersey parkrun is a FREE weekly 5k event for participants of all standards, which takes place every Saturday at 9:00am in Les Quennevais sports centre, Don Farm, La Route Des Quennevais, St Brelade, Jersey, Channel Isles JE3 8LZ. Globally, parkrun now has over 2,300 events and more than nine million registered users. All events are staffed solely by volunteers so this is an opportunity for Rock N Road Runners to support another part of the Jersey running community.  You don't have to be a member to volunteer. To find out more or ask a question, please drop an email to [email protected]


Upcoming Events

Rock n Road Runners Thursday Intervals: Speed Endurance Pyramid


18:00 - 19:00

This is a 60 minute group run focused on building strength, stamina, power and speed through interval-based training. This session is lead by fully-qualified run coach Dan & Rik and entails a thorough warm up consisting of easy running, mobilisation work, dynamic stretching, drills and strides. This warm up also focuses on improving various aspects of run technique, biomechanics and efficiency. Not will interval training improve your performance at all distances but it’s a really fun and social way to train. Anyone and everyone can benefit from interval-training regardless of experience level or goals. The main set is usually interval-based, meaning that there is some faster-paced running for a set time or distance, interspersed with recovery which is either easy jogging, walking or standing. The aim of each interval session is to improve a certain aspect of our physiology, such as our pace at Lactate Threshold, Vo2 Max or increase our Running Economy and Neuromuscular Efficiency. These sessions are also individualised for each attendee as we regularly carry out 3k and 5k time trials (or use a recent race result) to ascertain pace zones for different running intensities. This allows you to run at the right effort and avoid overexerting and overtraining. The first session is free and all subsequent sessions are £5, unless you are a member of the Rock n Road Runners run club. If you would like to join the club click here or email [email protected] for more info. THIS WEEKS SESSION Warm Up: Easy jogging, mobilisations, drills Strides: 4-6 x very short bursts of speed Main Set: 2-3 x (20s, 30s, 40s, 50s, 60s, 50s, 40s, 30s, 20s) FAST  w/60s jog recovery between intervals Feel free to carry out your own cooldown. This won't be included in the 60min session. Speed Endurance intensity guide: RPE: 9.5 / 10 (sub-max)Effort: FastBreathing: Short and rapidTalk test: Very few wordsHeart Rate: Z5Pace: 400-1600m *Please note: Both club members and guests attending these group runs, acknowledge and accept that playing or participating in sport of any kind can be dangerous and may result in injury and damage to property. Members and guests shall take personal responsibility for their own actions and play or participate in the Club’s sporting activities at their own risk*

Rock n Road Runners Sunday Road Run: Goose Green – Hamptonne (Out & Back)


09:00 - 10:30

The Rock n Road Runners run club free weekly group road run, takes place every Sunday along the more picturesque streets, alleys, roads, lanes and byways of Jersey. The group run is a maximum of 90mins on an ‘Out & Back’ (45mins out and 45mins back) course but please feel free to run for any length of time you like. There is also a 50 minute group option consisting of 25 minutes out & 25 minutes back on the same route. This is an ideal group for those who have either just started running and are looking at going further (such as Couch to 5k graduates) or for those more experienced runners seeking a shorter session. Both sessions will be fully supported with a dedicated group leader and tail walker so no one will ever be left behind. The aim is always for a chatty pace but we appreciate that what this means varies from person to person so please run at a pace you are comfortable with. The group is open to runners of ALL experience levels and abilities. So whether you’re looking for some company on your long run, you’ve just started running or you’re looking for some motivation to run longer, this might be the group for you. Remember, if you run, you are a runner. We suggest that runners bring the following with them: running shoes, charged mobile phone with What3Words app, nutrition & hydration as required and weather-appropriate clothing. We do not mark the route so if you are concerned about getting lost, we suggest either downloading or familiarising yourself with the Strava route in the course description below or sticking with someone who knows the route and/or a tail walker/lead runner. If you would like to join the Rock n Road Runners run club click here or if you’d like to be added to our RNR Facebook or WhatsApp group, drop us an email at [email protected] *Please note: Both club members and guests attending these group runs, acknowledge and accept that playing or participating in sport of any kind can be dangerous and may result in injury and damage to property. Members and guests shall take personal responsibility for their own actions and play or participate in the Club’s sporting activities at their own risk*


  • Thursday = Intervals
  • Saturday = Trails
  • Sunday = Road

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Rock N Road Runners, based in Jersey (Channel Islands), is a new, inclusive and sociable run club. If you run, you are a runner.

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